Tania Payó
Mariamne Photography
In search of the concealed beauty

Mariamne Photography

In search of the concealed beauty


About Me

I'm competely self-taught in the world of photography. Inspite my studies on chemistry, I have always been linked to art, painting, drawing and collaborating as a photographer in music magazines and webs for several years.

Photography is for me an introspective journey through my own self, trying to express the fragility and complexity of human souls. That's why I'm mostly into self-portraits.

I like to create close but yet ethereal images, in the line between the real and the imaginary.

You can follow my work on: www.facebook.com/mariamnephoto


- October 11- Kurtzio Kultur etxea
- January 12- Goñi Portal Kurtul etxea
- November 12/January 13 - Centros municipales Bilbao (C.E)
- December 12 - Cosmocaixa Barcelona (C.E)
- February 13 - Legambiente Milán (C.E)
- March 14, 15 & 16- Estudios a tu aire (C.E)
- December 15 - Lurren Sopela


- Darklife
- Metalstorm
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